Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's official... and we have a winner!!

Christmas has thrown up in my classroom!! Not literally, of course, but there is Christmas joy ALL OVER THE PLACE!! :)

Happy happy, Peeps! Kerri here...
This, my friends, is an official Christmas photo dump. Let's take a little tour through all of the joy and good cheer that is permeating my room lately...
My cute little Charlie Brown tree!! $10 at ACE hardware!!

We will be making this precious little snowflake ornament during our Christmas party next week!
Step one of our Holiday plaques is complete! We will paint the plaques tomorrow and then I'm busting out my Mod Podge!!

Family Wreaths brought in by my students. I heart them so!!
Look at our reindeer farm!! Aren't they ADORBS??
Christmas tree art, hot off the presses!

Here are some pics of our Magic Elf fun, straight out of my Magic Elf Writing Pack! (There is still time!! You can still get in a whole week of Magic Elf goodness with your kidlets!!)

Hello, my little Magic Elf friend!! Just chillaxing, are ya??
She wrote, "Do you want food?" "Thank you!" How cute!

Magic Elf likes to eat candy canes?? Of course he does, silly!!

We wrote this acrostic today as a class, and they came up with such awesome ideas!!

We have also been using lots of Holiday words in our writing...

You can find this little writing pack here...

We have also been working hard on our Merry Christmas, Magic Elf! Literacy and Math Centers...

Luckily, there are enough centers in this pack to keep them busy little elves all through next week, which makes life so much easier doesn't it, the week before Christmas break?? I LOVE when they are busy and engaged!!
Here's a peek at what we've been working on!
Christmas Cheer! Sentence Editing

Jolly Holidays! ABC Order

Merry and Bright! Noun and Adjective Sort
I leave you with this...Santa, yes the real Santa, wrote my Katie a personalized letter and sent it to her in the mail. She was OVER THE MOON when it came yesterday!! She said, "He even knows my middle name!!" 

He also left her a magic key so he can get in our house (we don't have a fireplace-boo!)

Maybe you would like Santa to write your littles a letter as well? You can ask him be clicking on Santa below...

Hang in there, friends!! Only 8 more days to go!! Or are you out this Friday, you lucky ducks??
XOXO Kerri B
P.S. We have a winner for our Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. Drumroll please....

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Congratulations Nikki!! I will be contacting you shortly!


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Love your stuff. Your ideas are fantastic. Your reindeer are adorable and I love the Christmas trees.

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