Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crate Seats-Part Deux...and Alphabet Mystery Puzzles!

Happy Thursday, Peeps! Kerri here...
Dude! It is totally raining outside! That NEVER EVER happens in So. Cal during the summer! It is all muggy and warm, and sprinkly! We love it! It reminds us of when we went to Florida (such good times!!)
I have 2 quickies to share tonight...Exhibit A: Re-vamped crate seats!

TADA! Okay, let me back the train up. Last summer, I saw Rachelle's post about her crate seats and I knew I had to have them. So, my sweet friend Amy and I made 6 of them, and they were soooo CUTE!

Cutey McCuteness!

Around my reading table. They were perfect!

Fast forward a whole school year, and look at my poor crate seats now....
Dirty dirty dirty! And look at that hole! Probably from scissors, those little turds!!

Dangit! Again, probably scissors or maybe from a pencil! Aaargh!

These are vinyl, peeps! They had all sorts of colors at Jo-ann's in vinyl, and yes, it is more expensive, (I had a coupon and my 15% off teacher card, thank goodness!) but much easier to keep clean and MUCH more durable. I had to sacrifice the cute fabric in lieu of durability. :( 
BUT, look at how well it goes with my Dots on Turquoise decor from Creative Teaching Press!!
Sooo excited to get back in my class and see how they look! :) If you make crate seats, I highly suggest you make them in vinyl~

Okay,  here's Exhibit B: My newest unit on TPT-Alphabet Mystery Puzzles!! Take a look...
I CANNOT wait to have my class do these alphabet mystery puzzles! I just know my class is going to go bananas over these centers, and it will be a fabulous way to reinforce the spelling patterns that we are learning through the year!!  Here's what you get...

What’s Included:
cvc alphabet puzzles-set 1:  bat, leg, mix, hop, cub, jam, red, wig
cvc alphabet puzzles-set 2: fog, nut mad, hen, pin, rot, bug, cap
ccvc alphabet puzzles: crab, swim, drip, frog, flat, stop, sled, plum
cvcc alphabet puzzles: mask, pond, help, nest, silk, pond, ramp, wink
digraph alphabet puzzles: bath, shut, whip, rich, thin, fish, whiz, chip
magic “e” alphabet puzzles: gate, pine, rose, cube, bake, ride, note, huge
Set of “super star” lower case letters to spell out mystery puzzles
2-sided recording sheets for each set of puzzles
-spell the word and illustrate
-Write 5 “juicy” sentences using 5 of the mystery words   

Directions for using this center:
laminate and cut out alphabet puzzles and lower case letters for durability. Place each set in a baggy. Instruct students to spell out each mystery word with the star letters by using the beginning sound of each picture and placing the corresponding letter in the space underneath each picture. After spelling each word, students can record their work on the provided worksheet. To extend this activity, students can use 5 of the mystery words to write 5 juicy sentences! Your kiddos will love it!

I'll be back soon with some FREEBIES, friends!! Hope your weekend is FANTABULOUS!


Miss Kindergarten said...

Looove!! I'd be so mad if my students ruined the crate seats!!! Hahha *its not about me, it's not about
me* I just need to keep reminding myself! And I feel like you JUST got out of school!!

Camille said...

Kerri, Okay, I feel really silly asking this (really, really silly), BUT is there only a certain type of crate that works for this? I saw some beautiful blue crates on sale so bought five because I really want to make some crate seats. But then (DUM DE DUM DUM! OH NO!!!!!) I looked closely at the crates and realized they had no teeny tiny ledge inside to hold the seat part. The sides of the crate are completely flat inside. So ... I am thinking that these would not work for crate seats. Am I right? Or is there some magic that makes the crate seats work that I don't know about?
Camille (who is hoping that there is crate seat magic)
An Open Door

Traci said...

Your newly covered seats look fabulous. They match your new Creative Teaching Press stuff perfectly.
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

The Zoo Keeper said...

I just purchased the green vinyl at Jo-ann's today. I was worried about having cloth with 1st graders who have "accidents" and often don't even tell you. That thought kind of grossed me out as far as the seats go. But today I found the perfect answer... marine vinyl that I can wipe off with Clorox wipes. =) I hope they turn out as cute as yours.
Feel free to check out my blog

P.S. I love your comment, "Those little turds!" I often think the same thing, especially with last year group.

Katherine said...

You did an awesome job on your crate seats! I really want to make some, but I'm nervous. I'm not crafty at all! Don't you just love creative teaching press? I have been doing the dots on black for two years now. I think the dots on turquoise is even cuter! Come visit me at at my blog home! I'm a newbie!


Jennifer Tilton said...

Super smart to use the vinyl! Your color scheme is fabulous!

Ms. Kerri said...

Love your vinyl seats. I'm still debating about making some of these seats. But I'm a spending freeze right now per my husband. But I love yours. Oh no. My head is spinning.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

mbcialini said...

I love that you call them turds. So do I!


Cialini Chat

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I love Dots on Turquoise!! Your seats look great!
First Grade Blue Skies

Mrs. Shelton said...

Your seats look great! I added your mystery puzzles to my TPT wishlist! Thanks so much!

Kindergarten Korner

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Oh Kerri! Your timing couldn't have been better! Tammy's been on a mission to create the crate seats after seeing them on all your cutesy blogs. It's been just finding the time. Should have done it during our raindrops as well. What's up with that?!?
But vinyl=G.E.N.I.U.S! See a lil procrastination pays off! That is the perfect route to go. Clean and kid friendly! Thanks for the inspiration!

~Christy (and Tammy too:)

Lita Lita said...

Love your reading table. You are so crafty. Your kids are going to be really comfy.

AmberO said...

Soooo cute, Kerri! I think I prefer the new vinyl look, and isn't it great how well it matches your new decor?! Your comments absolutely crack me up ("those little turds" HA!) The mystery puzzles look great, and will be tucked away in my wish list...for now:) Thanks for the smile today!

Erin Sample said...

Those seats look great! I just made mine out of canvas so I hope they don't last only one school year! I hope yours will have a long life too!

For anyone wanting to make them: I have a how-to on my blog.
Sample’s Superstars

primary practice said...

Kerri- I love everything about your classroom decor, including those made-over crates! Love the vinyl idea!

Please can you describe how you created the window streamers? We're not allowed to have curtains, but *maybe* I can squeak by with a streamer treatment.

Thanks so much!

primary practice

Jenn Bates said...

LOVE the Alphabet mystery puzzles!!!!
Finally in First

Rachel Jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Jones said...

I LOVE these crate perfect for being a a kiddos level and saving stress on the knees! (And the ribbon totally makes up for the vinyl) :)
Let's Talk Speech Therapy

Laura said...

Love the crate seat covers! I think I like the colors better than the print-so cheerful! Alphabet puzzles now on the wishlist...

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Aimee V. said...

Love your new crates!! I never thought of using vinyl!! They look great with your Dots on Turquoise!

Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

Kristin said...

Love the new crate seats!! Sooooo cute!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

I plan on making crate seats later this summer and am so thankful that you shared the tip about using vinyl. Wipeable surfaces are so important in classrooms where germs are abound! It looks great too! Thanks again! :)

Delighted in Second

Just Wild About Teaching said...

love the way the vinyl came out =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Miss School Potato said...

I love your room!! The way you have the curtain really brings this part of your room together!


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