Monday, January 30, 2012

We Heart America! Michaels finds, and Groundhog dimensions!

Happy Monday, friends! Kerri here...
I am excited to announce that I just uploaded my latest unit, We Heart America!! Take a little look...

This is my biggest one yet! And, let me just tell you, it was a MAJOR PAIN in my rear end to get it to upload to TPT because it is so many pages!! I was literally cursing at the computer last night (my poor hubby had to hear me ranting!), but I finally figured it out, and it has 10 fun filled centers included!! Here's what you get:

Literacy Centers:
-America Sentence Scramble-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students unscramble sentences and complete the worksheet, adding correct capitalization and punctuation.
-American Symbols ABC Order-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students put cards in ABC order and complete the ABC ORder worksheet.
-We Heart America! Word Mat-
Use this mat in 2 ways: As a word bank for students to write their own America story, and for the We heart America! Noun Sort
-America Writing Paper-
-We Heart America! Noun Sort-
Cut apart laminated America word mat. Students sort the words by person, place, or thing and compete worksheet
-Betsy Ross Contraction 
Students match up the contractions with their root words & complete worksheet.
Math Centers:
-American Symbols: Spin, Tally, and Graph-
laminate spinner mats.Students use a paper clip as a spinner, and complete the spin, tally, and graph worksheet.
-American Pride! Missing Addends-
laminate and cut out cards. Students match up the addition sentences with their missing addend, then record the addition sentences on the worksheet.
-Patriotic Fact Families-
laminate and cut out cards. Students use the 3 numbers on each card to write out the fact family number sentences on worksheet.
-National Number Sort-
laminate & cut out cards. Students sort  number cards by if they equal 10, 12, or 14, and complete worksheet.
-Constitutional Counting-
Students sort numbers and put in order by 2‘s, 5‘s, and 10‘s and complete worksheet.

You can click on the picture above to go to my TPT store! Thanks, Peeps!

In other news, I SCORED major big time at Michaels and I just had to share, so hopefully you will be able to find some too! Look at these beauties...

Wait for it...these were only 9 cents!! I am not even lying! 9 cents each!! I about died when the Michaels guy told me! So, of course I HAD to get them for my kidlets! We will be mod podging (LOVE!) them with tissue paper and putting a love note in them for my kiddies to give to their moms! Awww! Isn't that so sweet? I couldn't resist for only 9 cents!!

I also saw (and purchased of course-I DO have a problem with self-control) MORE heart boxes!! 99 cents from Michaels and these are even cuter than the other ones!
The heart baskets are to store the heart boxes in. Can you tell I also have a storage obsession?? You should see my purse. Tons of baby bags inside the big bag-and each one has a name that describes what's inside...let's see, there's the medicine bird bag, the iPod owl bag, the "tweety" treats bag, and so on, and so on...
ANYWAYS, I also got some very apropos Valentine scrapbook paper from the Dollar Spot at Target, perfect for cutting into squares and teaching my kiddos to cut a heart out of...
$1 each...Easy Peasy!! We will use them to decorate something with, maybe our Valentine bags??

Finally, the dimensions for this guy here... you can get the writing paper from my previous post, but here are his dimensions. Remember, I am the NO PATTERNS! lady, so this is all cut by my firsties free form...
  • 12 by 18- light blue background
  • 9 by 12- green grass (cut wavy like)
  • 6 by 6 light brown square for body (half a magic circle)
  • 5 by 5 light brown square for head (magic circle)
  • 1 1/2 by 9 light brown for paws (folded in half and rounded)
  • 1 1/2 by 3 light brown for ears (folded in half and rounded)
  • 1 1/2 by 3 white for eyes (folded in half and cut into magic circle)
  • 1 by 2 black for eyeballs (also folded in half and magic circle cut)
  • 1 by 1 dark brown for nose (triangle or circle)
  • 1 by 1 white for teeth 
  • 3 by 3 yellow for sun (or you can make a gray cloud if he doesn't see his shadow, your choice) 
  • Sharpie for details 
That's it! I think actually Lindsay MAY have invented this one way back when, but since I can't really remember, I'll just take all the credit!! HEE HEE!!

I'll be posting more We Heart America! freebies this month, so keep checking back!! And, as always, I heart you guys!!


Andi said...

Yay! Thank you for the groundhog dimensions. The kiddos are super excited to make them :)
Awesome Michaels deal. I wonder if they have them here, too???
Have you been TAGGED, yet? If not, I would like to tag you.

Heidi Samuelson said...

Tag…You're It! Just a little fun way of saying …. "I love your blog" and want to share! Come see how to play this fun blog hopping game of tag!
Swamp Frog First Graders

applesandabcs said...

Your new packet looks amazing!!!

Apples and ABC's

Hadar said...

Why are you doing this to me!??!!? I.NEED.TO.GO.TO.MICHAELS.AND.TARGET.NOW!!!!!! Ahh!!!!!!

Miss Squirrels said...

I miss Michaels!!!! THey took ours away!!
Now it is just Hobby Lobby and the Dollar SPot
That unit looks great~ that's a lot of hard work!!!

Going Nutty!

Tanya Solano said...

Hello Ladies! So glad I found your blog. I will be visiting often to see what's happening in your classroom. I am your newest follower and have "TAGGED" you on my blog. Scoot on over and check it out.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

Kristin said...

Wow! Your new pack looks amazing!! :)
And I love all of your finds. 9 cents?!!??? I can't believe it!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Camille said...

My students made your groundhogs and they turned out ADORABLE!! I love that you have your students create their own shapes, rather than having them cut out predrawn shapes. I totally agree with you on that! Thank you for sharing!
An Open Door
P.S. I pretty much cut your dimensions in half to get smaller groundhogs because I am in a non-kinder room and have run of space (and I do NOT want to take down the snowflakes or the Chinese New Year banners or .... anything else!)

Camille said...

I mentioned you on my blog so thought I should let you know. (I mentioned you in a good way! :)
Here is the link in case you want to see what I have to say!

An Open Door

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