Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Hodge Podge of stuff, plus another FREEBIE!!

Happy Sunday, Bloggy friends!! Kerri here...
So, I just need a little therapy session here, girls, so bear with me...

On Friday, I found out some news that made me REALLY question a process that I used to have ALOT of respect for, and when I found out this news, it made me realize that, for at least this year, that process is a TOTAL SHAM. That sometimes it's more about WHO you know, than WHAT you really deserve. (Sounds political, right?? Yes, you are CORRECT.) And, it made me really disheartened by the whole process.

BUT....then, I came home and looked at these 2 beautiful faces...

And, I woke up Saturday morning to this wonderful husband and father...

And, I realized how incredibly blessed I am, and that I know in MY HEART what is true. So, I am OVER IT. Moving on, and keeping faith that in the future, the process will be what it once was, NOT what it became this year. Nuff said!!

Many of you asked me for the words to the Chinese New Years Dragon poem, so here you go:

"Gung, Hay, Fat, Choy!"
In China, every girl and boy
Celebrate the New Year
In a very special way.
With fireworks and dragons,
Colored red and gold, 
They welcome in the New Year,
And chase away the old!

Hope you can use it in your classroom!!

I spent the bulk of my weekend cutting out my newest creation, Arctic Life Math and Literacy Centers! But, you know, there is a certain satisfaction I get from cutting out lamin, while watching Dateline NBC!! Who's with me??

Here's what's included in this math and literacy center pack...

Sentence Scramble

ABC Order

Noun and Verb sort

Arctic Adding 3 Numbers

Time to the hour and half hour

Place Value!
I will be using these little centers with my chitlins this week, and I think they are going to likey mucho!

Click on the picture to head over to my store to pick up your own set...

And, now on to your FREEBIE!! I got many kind words about the Super Sentence post I wrote at the beginning of January, so I decided to use my Arctic Friends clip art and make some "Super Sentence Frames" for you to use in your classroom, whole group, small group, or even individually. These are different because they are blank, and...
Use these sentence frames with your class to brainstorm ideas for writing “Arctic” themed super sentences. Place frame under document camera, or project onto white board to use whole group. These frames can also be passed out as individual worksheets, to allow students to think of and write down as many words for each column as possible! 
6 different frames are included in this packet, AND it is F.R.E.E....because I love you guys, like ALOT!
Click on the cover picture above to get your own copy from Google docs!

I leave you with this little bit of cuteness...our bearded dragon Beaker watching the rain on homemade lego steps!

Thanks for listening, friends. I feel like I got some closure today. Hope you have a blessed week!


Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I'm so sorry about the political nonsense
:( Unfortunately, it seems like more and more political stuff is involved in teaching nowadays. I hope you have a better start to you week and just know what an AWESOME teacher you are!

Lisa :)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Gladys said...

So sorry about your disappointment...just remember that your bloggie friends are here for you!

Jennifer said...

Your girls are super cute!! Your unit looks fantastic!! I am heading over to TpT to check it out.

Hope you have a better week! Love your picture of Beaker!!

The First Grade Dream

Kristen said...

I so love the poem for Chinese New Year! I will be sharing it with my kids tomorrow! Sorry about the polical's like that in my district (I think I am over the hill from you somewhere!). Everything in our school/district is about politics, who you know and whose butt you kiss. I don't do politics, I don't know too many people and I don't kiss butt. I guess I won't be getting anything and going anywhere any time soon! Hopefully your weekend will take the blahs away and you can have a great week with your kids!

YearntoLearn said...

How cute is Beaker! Precious.
When thinks get tough in my life I try my best to honor the phrase "Let Go". Sound like you've done a great job of that with your issue.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Hadar said...

I have a feeling I know what you're talking about...a bunch of nonsense! Anyway, this may be the cutest post ever!! Your arctic centers are to die for! And the little bearded dragon!! my word! He was probably like "what is this?? never seen it before in my life!" haha!

Kristin said...

GRRRRRRRRRRR. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(
Thanks so so so so so so so much for the freebies!!! :)
Beaker is adorable on those steps!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Erika said...

Politics can ruin so many wonderful things in our lives. But you have that lovely family and adorable Beaker. Geez, now I want a bearded dragon. Are they good pets? High maintenance? Get huge? Oh, and I almost forgot, thanks for the super sentence freebie!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Chrissy said...

Thank you! I will use the freebie in small group with my kinders!

Your girls are gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better...

Primary Paradise said...

There must have been something in the air this week. I've been dealing with politics too. UGH! Thank you so much for the freebie. I can't wait to use it tomorrow.

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

Love the Chinese New Year poem, thanks so cute! Sorry about your political stuff...sounds like it's an epidemic, blah. Cute family :)

Keri said...

thank you so much for sharing your wonderful resources...the kids (and I) will really enjoy this activity

Tam said...

love your ideas and packs! I use them with my girls in our homeschool :0) and as always, thanks for the freebies!

Miss Foote said...

Love the poem! Here are some pictures we drew to match:-)

Chickadee Jubilee

Books4Learning said...

This unit is beautiful! I linked it to a couple arctic animal posts I have.

Justin said...

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