Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sight Word Fun Freebie!

Sight Word Fun Center

Hi Friends! Kerri here again...
Well, Mr. Bojangles  has settled in nicely. My husband (who is a 7th grade science teacher) thought he was so cool that he decided to get his class one too! We named his bearded dragon Beaker! Hopefully those 7th graders won't scare him to much! HA!

At the beginning of the year, I find that my firsties have a hard time remembering all of the sight words that they learned in Kindergarten. Our district uses Houghton Mifflin, which only has 18 Kindergarten sight words (WEAK!) so when I taught Kinder, I always had my kids practice learning the color words also. 
The center I've created has 36 Kinder sight word cards (including the color words), 2 word building mats, and a "show what you know" worksheet that asks the kids to write the word, rainbow write it, and then stamp it. I plan on giving my kids a baggy with 6 cards in it, and they will then choose a card, read the word,  and build the word on the laminated chalkboard mat with magnetic letters, or whatever letters I have on hand. After reading and spelling all 6 words, they will complete the worksheet using their baggy of words. I think they will enjoy it. For you Kinder teachers out there, this center will be great later on to reinforce the words they are learning.
Click on the picture to download your very own set, for FREE, because I love to share with you, my bloggy peeps!!

P.S. Clip art was DJ Inkers September Whimzee, and the font was DJ Basic, my fave!!


Amy said...

This is great! Thank you!

Crayons and Curls said...

This is great! We teach 57 sight words, plus color and number words for a total of 76 words they must know by the end of Kinder. Thanks for the set! :)
Crayons and Curls

mrsjames said...

check out my "litter box" learning center for word work. You could use it for sight words too.

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