Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Color Words Graph Freebie!

Hi Peeps! Kerri here again...
I have not been doing a very good job keeping up with Teacher Week 2011. Boo! I only posted Monday so far, and technically this post should be saved for Friday. I wanted to post some pics of my classroom, but since we don't start until September 6th, it is not quite picture ready!! Getting there, but not quite yet...

Lindsay had her baby yesterday (YAY!) and I got to cuddle him today...sooo precious! I am sure she will be posting pictures of him all over this blog as soon as she gets home from the hospital. 

This is a quickie post, just to share a little color words graph I whipped up to have my Firsties work on during the first or second week of school. I plan on giving them baggies of unifix cubes that have all the colors of the rainbow in them and they will sort them, color how many of each, and then analyze the data (just most and least...nothing TOO crazy for the first week of school!) It will also help them practice reading their color words, which most of them hopefully will be able to do (Crossing fingers!)  :)

That's all friends!! Click on the picture above to download. Hope you enjoy it!


Busy Bees said...

How exciting of getting to hold a new one!! Thanks for sharing the color graph.

Mrs. Perez said...

You're doing better than I am. I am so exhausted and I don't even have a new little one. Mine is 23 years old. Hold your little one as much as possible. They grow too fast.

Thanks for the graph. Great Idea to review w/ colors and graphing.
Thanks so much, Julie

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