Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father's Day Idea for Next Year!

Hi Friends! Kerri here...
5 days left!! Plus 24 report cards, 24 end of the year certificates, and 24 personalized photo albums (just downloaded 459 photos to Costco...and it took 3 hours!) Whew!! I'll get it all done right??

Here is a SUPER DUPER CUTE AND EASY idea for Father's Day next year (or any other Parent gifts that you may give out). I bought wood frames from IKEA (I love me some IKEA!) that were 3 for $2. The kids painted them black and then MOD PODGED (also one of my loves!) these super bright mosaic paper squares from Lakeshore around the edge. 
The Mod Podge dries bright and shiny and VOILA! Another fabulous CHEAP as old chips project for the Dads in your class!
I know it's too little too late for all of you, but just file it away for next year!!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer/last weeks of school!!


Rachelle said...

Super cute! I still have 10 days of school! :) I'm in year round though, so no big deal! I think this idea is so CUTE! We are very fortunate to have an IKEA 5 minutes away from our house!

Jan Brady said...

Oh, I can so see my first graders loving making these! I'll use this idea for next year. Thanks for sharing!
- Jan

Jayne Gammons said...

CUTE frames! Do you know about this blog? Mod Podge Rocks...
Smiles, Jayne

Cindy said...

Cute frames. I just found your blog tonight and love all the ideas you've shared! Thanks so much!

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