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All About Kerri...
Hi Friends!! Kerri here...

Here's a little bit about me! I am married to an amazing husband and father, who also happens to be a teacher as well-7th grade science! Bless his heart...I don't know how he does it all day. We are COMPLETE opposites in every way, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. God sure blessed me with a good man!

I have 2 beautiful girls and one fur baby...

SB and KB

My Roxy Roo!
I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He got me through some pretty gnarly times, and I owe him everything.

I love Duck Dynasty, Harry Potter, and Downton Abbey. 

I HATE exercise, but I LOVE yoga! 

I'm obsessed with Matryoshka Dolls and owls for some weird reason.

I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years now. In fact, my whole family is veggie-fied. 

I have 5 tattoos. 4 on my ankles from my "WILD" college years, and a family tattoo I got a year and a half ago, which I LOVE...

Professionally, I am starting my 16th year teaching, 15 of those years in K-2. Suffice it to say, I love to teach the little guys!
 I got my National Board Certification in 2009, which was both the hardest and most rewarding experience of my life. I taught Kinder for 10 years before switching to First, and now I just love my Fab Firsties!!

All About Lindsay...
Hey y'all!  Lindsay here...
Here's a bit of "my story" - told through snapshots. :)
First, I was born and raised in Brawley, California - a tiny farming community in the southeast corner of CA. I had a wonderful redneck childhood: raising pigs for the fair, swimming in ditches and going cow-tipping.
Okay, maybe I never went cow-tipping . . . but you get the idea.
After high school I ended up in Orange County, CA for college. I got my degree, got a job, and met THIS guy.
Handsome, right?
We got married in 2009, and I went from Miss Hale to Mrs. Messner.  Or "Mrs. Messyhair" as one student accidentally said.  And you guessed it - that terrible nickname stuck!
In 2011 our family welcomed a new member when Baby Jack was born. He quickly became the center of our whole world . . . I mean seriously, what did we do before dirty diapers, bathtime and bedtime stories? (Answer: we got much, MUCH more sleep!)
One of my favorite quotes by Andy Stanley says: "Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise."
I love that.  I may be a teacher by day, but I am a mother first and foremost.
And . . . the story of the Messner family is still being written. This November we will be welcoming Jack's baby brother to the family! (Stay tuned for more details!)
So that's me!  Aside from my wonderful family I love coffee, photography (can you tell?!), football (Go Chargers!), watching Cops reruns, eating great Mexican food, reading, and Phil Robertson. (Thank you Kerri for getting me addicted to Duck Dynasty!)
Professionally, this will be my 8th year teaching - 1 year in 3rd grade and 7 years in kindergarten. I loooooooove my little kinder kidlets! I got my National Board Certification in 2010 - one of the most difficult things I have ever accomplished! 
And, of course, in 2011 my teaching bestie (Kerri B.) had a crazy idea to start a teaching blog . . . and here we are today!  We love teaching and sharing our experiences with all of you!


Unknown said...

Your making words activity is very cool. I know it goes back to 2011, but a good idea is a good idea.

If you are still generously sharing,could you send me the letter template you used?


Unknown said...

Hi there!
Can you tell me if you you ladies do app reviews at all? My company just recently created a math related app for kindergartners and we're looking for teachers to review it for us :) In exchange we'd be more than happy to send you an amazon gift card for school supplies or blog contests! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So dumb but I cried when I found your page here. My husband and I have gone from 21 years of full time ministry in Japan with Sam now being a 1st grade teacher for the past 9 + years. The Lord has made me his "helpmate" so here I am looking for "center ideas" for him. I come across your site and said to myself, "Hmmm, I think I see that 'clear look' in their eyes (that is what the Japanese would tell us as we shared Jesus with them - something in the eyes) so maybe the two of them are not just great teachers but also know THE GREAT TEACHER." I was right. I can not wait to share these ideas with Sam. I now lead a Beth Moore study for teachers here in Okinawa and I love these women. God bless you two and your families. He is faithful.

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