Sunday, December 15, 2013

Five for Frunday!

Frunday?? What the heck is a Frunday? Well, it was supposed to be Friday, but I couldn't get my act together until this morning, so it became Frunday!

Hiya Peeps, Kerri here!

I am linking up once again with Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for her Five for Friday (or Frunday. Whatever.) Linky party! 

Can I first say "Praise JESUS!" for only 5 more teaching days?? Yes. Thank you Jesus. AMEN.

Here we go...Number 1 is Family Wreaths!! Every year, we send home green paper and a letter asking the families to make a Family Wreath and they always come out sooo cute!! This year was no different. I just love them all!!

Number 2: Christmassy photo booth pictures! I found these Christmas photo booth props online and knew we just had to use them in the classroom. The kids had sooo much fun picking out a couple of props and letting me take their pictures. Check them out!

This week, we are going to make a cute little frame out of popsicle sticks and buttons (which are NOT easy to find, BTW, especially when you need a brazillion of them!) and put the photo booth pictures in them!

Isn't it sweet??

We even used them for our staff Christmas picture, which was super silly (alas, no picture to share with you). 

And, I brought them home and my daughter had fun taking pictures of our neighbor and our doggy in the backyard...

Number 3: Magic Elf fun continued! 

We are still having a blast finding Magic Elf each day, except that on Thursday he stayed home at the North Pole because my kids were so cuckoo for cocoa puffs on Wednesday. You ever have one of those days where the kids walk in the front door in the morning and you just know the whole day is going to be HELLISH?? That was my Wednesday, folks. PURE. HELL.

Well, I am happy to report that they were so devastated and worried about Magic Elf that they magically turned their behavior around and did MUCH BETTER. (PTL!) He came back on Friday and all was right in First Grade Land!

We wrote about him and drew him in our writing center this week, as well as made an Acrostic poem and an art project of him! Love...

I think Magic Elf went to Hawaii and got a MEAN OLD TAN in this picture!! HA

Number 3: Fired in the kiln reindeer Handprint tiles... they are finally finished!

I just love them! They are so darn cute and I think the parents are going to LOVE them too!!

Number 4: Ugandan paper bead lanyard for your name badge...

We all have to wear name badges and the lanyards are just kind of ugly. I stumbled upon these by accident when looking for paper bead bracelets to give to my girlfriends. Aren't they fabulous?? And, if you have to wear a name badge, it may as well look like a necklace and support women in Uganda who are learning a trade! You can check out Outreach Uganda here...

Number 5: My student teacher is AMAZING! Look at what she made me...
She is simply the most creative, thoughtful girl ever! This is such a great idea for a teacher (I just might be stealing this idea for my daughter's teacher this year!!)

Okay, friends! 5 more teaching days and then I hope can all spend a lot of time during our Winter Break like this...
Have a great week, Peeps!!
XOXO Kerri B


The Colorful Apple said...

I spent most of my day looking like that last picture! Your wreaths came out adorable. I love how each one is so different!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

A. Reed said...

I love the family wreaths. I adore family projects. Looks like they had a great time making them!!
Just Reed!

crazymom said...

Great post today! Filled with so much "cuteness" and fun! Thanks for sharing! ♥

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