Friday, July 19, 2013

Another edition of . . . Favorite Pins Friday!!

Happy Friday y'all!  Lindsay here . . .

I'm bummed.

Today should be a happy, wonderful day.  I mean . . . its Friday, I'm on summer vacation, Target is full of school supplies just waiting for me to purchase them (yay!!) . . . .

And then I got sick.


There is something so annoying about getting a cold IN THE SUMMER.  Can I get an amen??!

I'm DETERMINED, however, to put aside my lil pity party because its time for this week's linky with the First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday!!!!

Well this week I found lots of fun lil Pinterest goodies to share!!  First up: this adorable word wall idea from Ashleigh's Educational Journey!  I LOVE the colorful ribbon and just the different look of the whole thing.  (And if I do say so myself, it looks nice and easy!  Even I can do that!!)

Another classroom set-up idea I found was this one for sectioning off your white board from The Good Life.  I swear my white board at school must be at least 40 feet long, but then I never seem to have enough bulletin board space.  I think this is a great way to make use of wasted white board space for objectives, a focus wall, etc.

Another classroom idea that is absolutely adorable?  These chalkboard clothespins from Create-Share-Inspire.  I love anything having to do with chalkboards lately, and these tiny lil ones seems easy to make, and you can just erase kiddos' names from year to year to update them! Perfect!!

Another cute school idea I found this week was a holiday gift idea for a room mom or volunteer (or for someone not at school at all perhaps!).  I always dread trying to come up with something for my amazing room moms at Christmas, and a cozy blanket seems like it would be something anyone would love.  The adorable printable and matching ribbon are a must, of course! Thanks Jacolyn Murphy for this nifty gifty idea!

And . . . because I know the first day of school is in the back of all of our minds (yikes - it will be here before we know it!!) I had to pin and share this little cartoon.  Sigh.  All those rules and procedures to teach again!!!! Thanks Tracee Orman for sharing!!

A non-school related pin that I fell in love with this week was this travel keepsake kit idea.  I love taking pictures, keeping ticket stubs, etc. when I travel . . . but I am TERRBILE about doing anything with all of it!  I love how these little boxes are painted so simply, but are so darn cute and displayed so that they can be shared!  Hmm . . . I feel a summer project coming on . . . Thanks Martha Stewart!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand . . . just for old time's sake: a "Hey girl" to make y'all smile! :)

Well, that's it for tonight folks!  I am off to bed and (fingers crossed!) hoping that lil kidlet of mine decides to sleep in tomorrow . . . it WILL be Saturday after all!!!

Have a great weekend!



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I love that cartoon. My favorite is "No coming in early."

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