Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Whole Bunch of Valentine Goodness (FREEBIES and UNITS)!!

Good morning, friends! Kerri here...
Thank you thank you to all of you who have purchased my 100 Days of Fun Unit! I am too excited to use all of the activities with my littles soon!

Also, it just wouldn't be a post from Kerri B without a Downton shout out~ it's Downton Day so I'm a happy camper!! Remember how I said I wanted to get a "FREE BATES" shirt? But then I thought that might be too much? Well, look what I found on Etsy (top right corner)!
I love the little keys that dangle off the side!!
 Here's another one that I think I will save to wear on Fridays, especially rainy day Fridays!! Isn't it too cute!?

Okay, enough Downton Abbey Etsy talk. The fact of the matter is...we are in the last week of January already! How did THAT happen?? In a few short weeks, Valentine's Day will be upon us, but DON'T PANIC!! We can get through it, peeps! :) 

I am especially looking forward to it, not because I get to be all romantical with my hubby (Please! Who has time for that?? Just kidding. I love my hubs!), but because the week after that my family and I are going to this place...
Yippee!! My hubby's family is from New Orleans, and we have never taken the girls, so we're finally going! So so excited!

In other news, I have been scouring Target (per my usual weekend errands...and on other random days of the week, for that matter!) and I found some fun stuff recently...

I actually have a bone to pick with Target about these guys. Every single year, I have been able to get the individual conversation heart boxes for my kiddies to use for graphing, patterning, what have you. This year, they did not have a SINGLE BOX. What the heck, Target? Only big old bags of hearts that I now have to portion out into little baggies (don't judge me for being lazy! I know they probably have them at CVS). A baggy of hearts in not AT ALL the same as a cute little box of them. Actually, one of my littles brought said boxes in for every single student on Friday as part of her Student of the Week celebration, and I was SOOO tempted to commandeer them until V-Day (dream crusher, I know), but I begrudgingly let her pass them out. Sigh...

Here is a cute little FREEBIE that Lindsay made last year for graphing with these yummy hearts. 
 (click the heart to download)

Remember these fun little heart dice I blogged about a few weeks ago? 

Well, I think they are long gone at Target by now, but you can always use regular dice for this next freebie... (click to download)

Here are a couple more fun things I found...
You can never have too many heart stickers, right?
I'm going to use them for our "Love Monsters" which were inspired by this post from Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants!

Aren't our little guys too cute!

 Here's another fun item...Valentine bubbles! I especially LOVE the mustache ones!

Speaking of mustaches, look at these food picks! Muchstaches and juicy lips!! I sense a photo opportunity in my Firsties near future! Too funny!

 Finally, here is my latest unit...Hot off the presses! Sweet for My Sweety! Valentine Math and Literacy Centers! (click on the cover for a closer look!)

And a little sneak peek of what's included...

I will be laminating these cute little centers this week and getting them all ready for the LOVEFEST that's coming up before we know it!
Happy Sunday, folks!
XOXO Kerri B


The Daily Alphabet said...

OMG!!!! I absolutely am addicted to Downton Abbey!!!! And the dollar spot at Target, lol.

The Daily Alphabet

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

So many cute finds! Also, I lived in England for a semester and was able to visit Downton Abbey :) :) It was SO fantastic and beautiful.

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Unknown said...

So many cute ideas! Congrats in 2000 followers.

Mrs. Anderson said...

Thank you for the addition/subtration freebie. I'm going to check to see if the Target where I live still have the dice with hearts. Thanks for sharing!
Connie Anderson:)

Unknown said...

If you want to keep watching Downton Abbey and not wait for it to air in the US.. There is a website called Project Free TV that you can stream it for free from other websites. I have now watched all of series 3... don't worry I won't spoil anything! :-)

Thanks for all the great Valentine Ideas! Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Looks like you got some great finds! (my hubby and I got married in Jackson Square! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Cupcake said...

I'm lovin' all those Target finds!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Unknown said...

Great ideas! Totally inspired me to use some of your ideas with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!


Tania said...

Target liked me today after all my Valentine's shopping spree :)
My Second Sense

Christy {Crayons and Whimsy} said...

What! No single boxes of conversation hearts?! Yes, Target, that is a serious problem. I'm glad I read that because I would be out shopping last minute (as I often am) and stressed out... so I appreciate the heads up. Tons of cute stuff in this post I could have commented on.... but you had me at the "no single boxes!"

Crayons and Whimsy

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the Valentine ideas and Target Valentine boxes. I've been missing them at our local stores as well. I am so excited I happened upon your blog you have such an abundance of ideas and not just school items! I too, am a Downton Abbey addict!! NO ONE at my school has even heard about it so I have no one to discuss what happened each week and have a discussion with, So happy to see others like yourself are just as engaged with the series!!! Look forward to all your posts! Sue at

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE your stuff!!!! I keep your monthly writing centers out at my Work on Writing station. I just love all this Valentine fun!!!! Keep it coming!

Amanda Bryant
A Traveled Teacher

~DeAnne~ said...

I LOVE Target....and had to get those dice the last time I was there!

Thanks for the freebies!

First Grade and Fabulous

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