Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring into Spring!! TPT and FREEBIES!

Greetings friends!  Lindsay here . . . Its bread & butter Monday. That's right . . . you get a little of BOTH of us girls tonight!  Hmmm . . . and if you are SICK like me, you can pair your bread and butter with a little chicken noodle soup!  (Seriously though . . . am I the only one out there who caught the plague that is going around?  I'm dyin over here people!!)

I promise to keep my sneezes, snot and sniffles to myself during my part of the blog tonight.  Scouts honor.

Well, in addition to fighting off some sort of mutant mega-virus-cold thingie, I have been hard at work finishing up my spring centers and they are **FINALLY** done!!!  (Drumroll please . . .)  It's my Spring Has Sprung - Math and Literacy Centers pack!!  This unit contains:

-My Oval Is An Easter Egg (a book about shapes)
-Spring Jellybean Graph, Sorting Mat and Data Sheet
-Egg-cellent Addition and Subtraction
-Spring Swip Swap
-Rhyming Rainboots Match-Up
-Scrambled Spring Sentences

Your students will be able to practice number sentences, shapes, addition, tallying, estimating, sight words, rhyming words, CVC words, and phonemic awareness all within this adorable unit!  And in addition to all of the cute, colorful hands-on resources, there is a recording sheet for each activity as well! 

Click the preview image below to head on over to my TPT store.  Your kidlets will love these fun spring centers!

In addition to picking up my Spring Has Sprung pack, you can check out my Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs unit as well!  They will BOTH be 25% off on my TPT store through Saturday only!!

I started my C.W.A.C.O.M. (Cloudy With . . .) Unit today and my kidlets adored it!! 

They thought measuring with meatballs was simply marvelous!!! (Eww . . . notice the dirty tissue!  Gnarly-megavirus DEFINATELY originated at school! )

And graphing our Wacky Weather was wonderful too!

There is still plenty of time to dive into this magically meaty unit!  (That was for you Kerri!)  And while you are at it, check out Kerri's darling C.W.A.C.O.M. Writing Center!!  Its meat-tastic!  (Okay . . . no more meat jokes. Promise.)

Just one more thing!  Don't forget to join in the fun with our Timree giveaway!!  In addition to getting your very own, one-of-a-kind folder, lunch box, and notebook, Kerri and I will each be giving away one TPT item of the winner's choice from each of our stores!  Holy hamburgers!!!  (Okay, THAT was the last meat joke. No really. . . )

My turn!! Hi Friends! Kerri here...
I have been working on a few little goodies that I have posted onto TPT, besides my Rainforest Art and Writing Pack (GINORMOUS thanks to those of you who already bought it! It's on SALE through Saturday!)  Here is what I've been working on...

Spring Words Posted and TOTALLY ADORABLE!!

This clip art KILLS me, it's SOOOO cute!

Companion piece to Lindsay's FANTABULOUS Cloudy Unit!!
Click on each picture above to go to my store!

Here is a little something to make you giggle. One of my cutiest cuties drew this picture when we were studying the -ank word family. I about D.I.E.D from laughter last night whilst grading a mountain of papers from last week!!

What the WHAT?? Is that not the raddest thing you have ever seen?? 
Last, but not least, here are a three FREEBIES for you. Simple little diddies, but I use them in my class every week and they work really well for my kidlets! The first is my "Word Family Machine" paper that we do every week as a warm-up. My kids write 8 words from our chunk of the week and illustrate each word. This really increases their vocabulary AND improves their drawing skills. As you can see from the above photo, they REALLY get into it! Click below to download...

The next FREEBIE is my Number Machine (Why is everything a machine?? I have NO IDEA! I feel like it makes my kids crank out quality work, but it's probably all in my head!!)
For this one, my kids cut and paste their numbers in order, for example 1-10, and then write the number word, draw tallies, write even or odd, and write a number sentence that equals each number. I have included numbers 1-50, but I am CERTAIN I won't be using all of them. Can you imagine our kiddos drawing 50 tallies in a fairly small box?? YEESH! What a mess!
Click on the picture to download...
Last Freebie of the night is some Rainbow (ROYGBIV) writing paper for your kids to write about the colors of the rainbow. After we talked about colors, my kids wrote sentences, such as "Red is for apples and cherries.", etc. You get the idea, right? My kids were NOT all that excited about brainstorming things that were indigo. Indigo?? What's indigo, anywayz?? :)
Click on the rainbow hot air balloon to download...

I have heard that if you are having trouble downloading from Google Docs, just click on file and download that way...Hope it works for everyone! It should!

Have a great week!


Miss Kindergarten said...

HAHA!! Stank!! I'm dying!!

Deedee Wills said...

I almost fell off my treadmill...LOL!!!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Unknown said...

STANK! Awesome! (except for when they do it in the classroom!)
First Grade Blue SKies

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your freebies!

The First Grade Dream

Tanya Solano said...

That just made my night! I.LOVE.KIDS.
Lindsey, I noticed the folders with the octopus - are those work folders, poetry, math....? Just wondering.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

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