Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broken Bones, Bats, and a Thanksgiving Words BONUS!!

Hi Friends! Kerri here...
Whew!! What a crazy couple of days. My daughter's Sunday started like this at a friends birthday party...

And then turned into this at the Emergency room....

Which turned into this the next day...

Both bones BROKEN in her arm from falling off the monkey bars at the park!! AAAAARRGH! And such a HUMONGOUS cast! Can you tell she is a wee bit dramatic?? She must get that from her Dad! :)
So, we have had a hard couple days around here! But she is my little trooper and has been enjoying all of the attention from her friends and family!!

In other news, we have been learning about BATS!! So fun! I can't wait to compare them to OWLS which we learned about a couple of weeks ago. Here are a couple of batty photos from our class...

We drew Bat diagrams and labeled the parts. They came out pretty darn hilarious, if I do say so myself. Aren't first graders' drawings just the best thing ever?? We also used our Bats anchor chart to write our first "Hamburger" (Topic, 3 details, closing) story about bats. The kids dug it and I am so proud of their writing! Check 'em out...

Click on the bat to download a copy of the bat writing paper!

Finally, for those of you who purchased my Thanksgiving Words Writing Pack from TPT (Thank you so very much!!)  I made another little activity to go with it! So now you get 5 activities to use with the Thanksgiving Words Mats! BONUS!!
It is similar to the costume party match-ups I made last week. Basically, you cut the picture cards apart, have the kids match them to their describing sentence, and complete the recording worksheet. Lots of good practice with describing words, sentence writing, and vocabulary building! Good stuff peeps!!
Click on the picture below to download your copy! 

That's all for now!! Goodnight Peeps!!


Kimberly said...

Awwww...your daughter is adorable (even with that huge cast). I love the bat writing! Your students did a great job!
Funky First Grade Fun

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I've had a cast just like that! Poor girl!
Rowdy in First Grade

lorib said...

Love you, Katie!! Hang in there! Kerri, thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

Kristin said...

Your poor baby! I broke my arm falling off the monkey bars, too!! She should get all of the attention she craves. She deserves it!!!
I gave your blog the "Blog on Fire" award!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Unknown said...

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