Friday, July 31, 2015

Word Family Notebooks!!

Hi Everyone! Kerri here

Do you teach your little learners about word families?? I sure do!!
I LOVE teaching my kids about word families, or chunks, as we sometimes call them. We learn about a new word family every week, and my kiddos absolute LOVE it! It is sooo good for them. They learn new spelling patterns, they learn about rhyming, they get to practice spelling lots of new words. I could go on and on!

My kiddos can't can't wait to find out what the new chunk of the week will be, and they get so stoked when they find words that have that chunk in their phonics stories, or other books that they read throughout the week. Here are some of the things that I have found useful when teaching the different word families..
This chart is super fun because it has a CD attached and each word family is made into a song from traditional tunes. I think the words repeat 3 times, so the kids can practice singing along. Plus, the chart is write and wipe so I let the kids some up and circle the word family words that are found in each song. They love it! Click on picture for a link to buy it on Amazon!

These Word Family Tales from Scholastic are the BOMB! I got them forever ago through Scholastic, but you can also get them through Amazon!! Each book focuses on one word family and they are super cute and fun! My kids love me to read these to them and this is how I intro our word family each week!! Click on link to see them on Amazon. :)

So, let me introduce my latest creation…the easiest, best way to teach word families!!
This Word Family Notebook Learning Pack includes
everything you need to help your students learn about different word families and practice writing those words! 

Simply choose which word families you want to focus on during the year, copy those pages into a book, add the colored or blackline cover and you are ready to roll! 

I use this notebook every single week with my students, as we learn different spelling patterns. My students get to practice writing the rhyming words, using them in a sentence, and illustrating that sentence with labeling! As the year goes on, I let them complete the notebook independently or with a partner. 

I laminate and display the word family posters on the wall and brainstorm words from the word family with my students each week. You can also laminate these and use them in a center so your students can write their own words on them! 

Finally, I use the Word Family Machine worksheet as a weekly warm-up for independent practice! And, I have included 100 different word families, so there are a plethora of different spelling patterns for you to choose from!!

 I also used this notebook in Kinder and we did it whole group each week from January on, focusing only on the short vowel word families. In First Grade, I love this because you can really focus on the different spelling patterns and give the kids something concrete to help them remember each one! There are 3 sections: a place to brainstorm the chunk words, a place for a "SILLY" rhyming sentence, and a place for an illustration. The hook for the kids is the silly sentence, of course, and I really like this part because each week we can talk about writing a complete sentence, capitals and end marks and all that jazz! Plus, the kids LABEL (who doesn't love labeling??) heir picture with all of the word family words that they drew, so they get even more practice!!

I am super excited about this one and I guarantee that it will help you in your classroom with your kids. I have been using this word family notebook successfully in Kinder and First Grade for the past 10 years, but only now have I gotten around to making it TPT worthy!! You can check it out by clicking on the pictures above.

Thanks friends!!
Kerri B


Christy said...

The Word Family Notebook looks great!! You put a lot of work into it!
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

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