Saturday, May 16, 2015

End-of-the-Year Awards {Little Miss and Mr. Fabulous Awards}

Happy weekend folks!  Lindsay here . . .

I just can't even wrap my mind around the fact that there are only six weeks left of school (for me) folks!  It's just not possible.  Where did this year go??? 

I am convinced that my school district is the absolute veeeeeeeeeeeeery last to get out of school each and every year.  No seriously.  I get to see all the "HOORAY SCHOOL IS OUT AND I AM ON SUMMER BREAK!!!!!" Facebook posts . . . again, and again. And. Again.  Argh!

This year we are out on June 19th (See?!  I TOLD you it was so late!) but I am trying my darndest to stay on top of things because I know these last few weeks are just gonna fly by! 

Let's see . . . What's left to do . . . (Insert mental checklist:)

2. Report Cards
3. End of the year assessments (before report cards - duh)
4. Practice for Kindergarten graduation
5. One last field trip
6.  Beach day (cuz my school is at the beach - you should be jealous!)
7. End of the year gifts for my sweeties
8. Thank you gifts for my classroom volunteers

Oh . . . and the end-of-the-year awards. 

Let me just tell you, these awards are one of my most FAVORITEST things.  I don't care if that's not even a word.  I love them THAT much. 

The last day of school in the classroom with my kidlets is always so precious to me.  One. Last. Day.  That means one last day of making memories.  One last day to tell those kiddos how much I love them.  And best of all, one last day to affirm my kidlets for all of the things that make them so unique and wonderful.

Every year I have come up with special awards for my kidlets in the style of "Mr." and "Little Miss".  For example, someone is always "Mr. President" or "Little Miss Stick-To-It". 

One thing that is so great about these awards is that not only does it have a cute title (Hello Mr. Small-But-Mighty!)  . . . but they ALSO have a little explanation at the top.  So I can literally say "For caring & loving deeds, the Mr. Big Heart award goes to . . .".  It really helps each kiddo understand what their award from me means.

When the time comes to give out the awards, I always remind my kiddos how special and unique they are, and the fact that we are celebrating the things that make them extra special!   For a little extra added fun I like to read off the name of the award and have the kids guess who will be getting it . . . and you know what?  They are usually right!!

I decided it would be super fun to put these awards in my TPT store for other teachers who might be looking for a way to celebrate their kiddos at the end of this year! This set includes 35 different awards, each one available for either a boy OR a girl!  The awards are ready to print and the set also has a handy planning sheet included to keep you super organized! (I just L-O-V-E a good checkoff sheet!)

If you want to check it out in my TPT store, just click on the cover image below:

I know that your kiddos will LOVE to be affirmed and celebrated on the last day of school as much as mine do!
Well, that's all I've got for tonight! I'm off to work on the aforementioned to-do list (and hopefully catch up on my Law & Order: SVU).  [I heart Olivia Benson]
Goodnight y'all! 





Karyn said...

The awards are awesome! Just to make you feel better...our last day with students is June 23 and we are out on the 24th! I think WE might be the last ones out! Hahahahahaha!

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