Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Cup Of Tea {Mother's Day Made Easy}

Happy Friday eve folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Let's be honest.  Its 10 p.m. and I should REAAAAAAALLY be in bed right about now, but I just had to get on here and share my easy-peasy Mother's Day activities because . . . HELLO!  Tomorrow is May already!  Mother's Day is right around the corner! 

Okay.  Tiny panic attack over . . . just breathe. 

I love Mother's Day.  I really do.  I have the best teacher-momma in the world and I love making her feel special (and not just on Mother's Day). 

And then of course about four-ish years ago I joined the "Mommy Club" myself.  Which basically means I like to remind my husband as OFTEN as possible how large and difficult each of my boys was to birth and how some diamonds JUST MIGHT make all of those pesky stretch marks worthwhile . . . :)

But in all seriousness - every year Mother's Day is one of the most special days in my classroom.  My kiddos absolutely L-O-V-E surprising their moms with sweet words and beautiful gifts!

I call my Mother's Day celebration "Muffins With Mom".  Our whole celebration is tea-themed.  On the front of the card that my kidlets make for their moms it says YOU ARE MY CUP OF TEA. 

Now my kiddos DO learn a song that we sing for the moms and they DO make an adorable little modge-podged plate that is so sweet . . . BUT  . . . the best part of the present (in my humble opinion) is what is INSIDE the card.
What's inside?  Tear-jerking sweetness. That's what.
First, I do a student interview with each kiddo - all about MOM.  Not only is this highly entertaining for me ("Oh, your mom likes to watch General Hospital?") but to hear what the kiddos have to say about their moms is just TOTES ADORBS.  I mean, these kiddos think their moms are just THE. BEST.
Here is one example:
Glued onto the OTHER side of the card is a writing piece that my kiddos do that begins with "I love my mom because . . ."
These will make you laugh OR cry.  Check 'em out:
First one: "I love my mom because she drains the bath (baf)."  Hey, just being practical, right?
Next: "I love my mom because she is beautiful and pretty.  And a princess."  Love it!
And finally . . . "I love my mom because she helps me pull my tooth out." 

These sweet words make an adorable keepsake that mommas can't help but keep forever. And ever and ever and ever.
If you want to check out my My Cup of Tea {Mother's Day Made Easy} set in my TPT store, you can click HERE
This set includes: a student interview template, "Why I love my mom" graphic organizer, writing paper, "My cup of tea" craftivity AND a Muffins With Mom invitation that your kiddos can fill out and take home to their moms.

Well, that's it for tonight!  Hope you all have a FAB FRIDAY! 




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