Monday, November 10, 2014

Presenting...Stitch Fix #6!!

Good Evening, Bits and Bobbers!! Kerri here... was just about the BEST DAY EVER. Wanna know why? Not only did I survive Halloween and live to tell about it, but also today we had a teacher inservice and I got to see all of my first grade teacher peeps from our district (Holla girls!!). PLUS, today was the day that my Stitch Fix box arrived! I literally LIVE for this day each month, and today I came home to this on my doorstep...

Not sure what Stitch Fix is?? Don't worry, I'll give you all the deets at the end of this post!
This month, I specifically asked for 2 dresses, a cardigan, a pair of skinny cords and a top. Guess what?? I got exactly what I asked for. I am telling you, my stylist Jessica is THE BOMB!

 Here is my style card that I found when I opened my box....all of my choices this month looked fabulous! I was especially excited about the dresses they sent me. Both of these I had pinned on my Stitch Fix Pinterest board and I was so happy my stylist was able to find them for me!

And here are my beautiful pile of clothes, just sitting there, begging to be tried on! The colors this month were absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the blue and purple print...soooo me!
Okay girls, here is the part of my presentation where I show you each piece, give you my initial impressions, and then show you how it looked on. I took the pictures AFTER school this time, so I don't look like a puffy faced, half asleep weirdo like I did the past 2 times. You can thank me later for sparing you my 40 year old wake up face. :)

Up first...the Market and Spruce Shiva Filigree Print Mixed Material Top.
My initial  thought were that I LOVED the color and print and I liked that the sleeves and back were a solid material. I wasn't sure about the size though, because it looks HUGE on the hanger. The material was also SOOO soft and not too heavy.

This one was a WINNER! I loved it comfy and cute, plus the bright colors were right up my alley! This will be perfect with jeans and flats, and BTW, I will be wearing it tomorrow!!!

Up next, The Abrianna long sleeve open cardigan in dark green. This was GORGEOUS on the hanger, and such a soft cozy material, a little heavier, which will be perfect for Fall...

And....I LOVED it!! It is deliciously cozy and looks so pretty with the top they sent me and my Kendra Scott abalone set. This will also match the chevron tunic they sent me last month. SCORE!!

Aren't these colors oh-so-pretty up close??

Item Number 3-The Misti Belted Fluter Sleeve Dress by Papermoon.
OK, AGAIN With the flutter sleeves?? I am just not a fan of flutter sleeves! However, I did have this one on my Pinterest board, so I must have though it was cute, right?? And, it is SUPER cute on the hanger, so maybe it'll work on me???

Well, the sleeves did feel big at first AND I did feel like I was going to fly away, but I kinda liked it on! I generally do not wear black, so I thought this would be a good dress for me to expand my color horizons on. Keeping it!!

Item Number 4-the Annabelle Abstract Chevron 3/4 Belted Dress from 41 Hawthorn. This was another dress I pinned to my Pinterest Board, and I just LOVE the color and print. HOWEVER, wrap dresses in general don't work on me, cause I am just not busty enough. Can I say that here?? Well, DARNIT, it's true. There is just no cleavage to be found ANYWHERE on this girl. Like at all. 
I had high hopes, but I think the boob issue is going to be a problem...

And, it was. I was just not comfortable in this dress AT.ALL. Too low cut, too clingy, just meh. This one is going back STAT!

Last item...the Frieda Corduroy by Mavi in black. 
I had specifically asked for a pair of skinny corduroys this time, so I was stoked that she found some for me, but when I put them on, they fit okay, but they were just blah. Kinda boring, and at $98, they were DEFINITELY not calling my name. Boo skinny cords for me! I didn't even take a picture in them. Blargh!!!

So, there you have it. This time around, I kept 3 items...the top, the cardigan, and the black and white dress. I am so SUPER happy with my Fix this month, even though the other 2 things didn't work out for me! My next one is due to arrive right before Thanksgiving, and I CANNOT wait. I hope I get some cute things for Thanksgiving!

So, what is Stitch Fix, you ask??
1. Create a Style profile on the Stitch Fix Website
2. Have 5 handpicked items that fit your style profile delivered to your house.
3. Keep what you like and check out online. Send back the rest in a pre-paid envelope via the US Post Office.
4. Look fabulous at work!!

It takes about 10 minutes to fill out your style profile online, and it is very fun, because you get to choose different outfits that best represent you. I loved this part! 

This really is the easiest service in the world. There is no pressure to keep anything. If you don't like anything, they charge you a $20 styling fee, but if you keep at least one item, the $20 fee goes toward the cost of that item, and shipping is FREE both ways. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Plus, you can do it once a month, every 2-3 weeks, or just one time to see what it's like. It's totally up to you!

If you sign up, would you please click on my links? See, I get a little referral every time someone like you signs up, and then I can keep doing this little fashion show for you each month, which I am sure is the highlight of you month, right?? :)
Win win win!!

Hope you're having a fantabulous week, friends!!
XOXO Kerri B


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