Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #5 BABY!!!

Good Evening, Bits and Bobbers!! Kerri here...

The best day of the month arrived last week, when I came home to my beloved teal and brown box sitting on my doorstep. Stitch Fix day had arrived!! Don't know what Stitch Fix is?? Here's the lowdown in 3 easy steps...
  1. Create your Style profile online-easy and fun
  2. Get 5 hand picked items sent to your house in the fabulous teal and brown box.
  3. Keep what you like. Send the rest back in the pre-paid shipping envelope.
That's it. So easy and fun right?? If you keep at least one item of clothing (or accessory, they'll send you those too!), all you pay for is that item. If you send them all back, you simply pay a $20 styling fee. I have NEVER sent all my items back. I always have had great luck with this service. :)

Here is my style card that was included in the box. I was sooo excited with the items that Jessica sent me this month...they were all right up my alley, especially that fabulous dress. SWOON!

And here are all of the gorgeous clothes after I took them out of the box. Aren't the colors gorgeous?? So perfect for Fall!

Okay, here is each item hanging up. I'll let you know what my first impressions were before I tried it on, and then we can commence with the awkward front yard photos taken by my teenage daughter (She just LOVES taking pictures of her dear old mom-NOT!)
So weird!

Item #1-the Polly Abstract Chevron Tie-Waist Tunic by 41 Hawthorn. $48
I was SOOOO stoked when I saw this piece, because my mom got a similar one in her box that was purple and blue, but with wider chevron, and I LOVED it on her! YAY for me getting one of my own!!!

It was a TOTAL winner!! OMG! I love everything about it! I paired it with some black leggings from Target (HOLLA!) and my new Sam Edelman flats that I got at Nordstrom Rack for a very good price (this is exactly what I told my husband, and he rolled his eyes at me). LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I kept it, of course!

Isn't it just delicious???
Item #2-the Perrie 3/4 Sleeve Paisley Dress by Renee C. $48

I was oh so excited about this dress. It is simply SCREAMING Kerri B. The colors, the print, the style-all perfect for me. I was so excited to try it on...

And then I did try it on, and it was big fat N.O. Waa waa waa waa!! The waist was just all wrong, and it made me feel weird, like I was painting a big neon sign right around my baby bump (from my children that I had 15 and 12 years ago. Ugh, whatever.).  And it made me look wider than I am, and it was too short.

 Poo and double poo, I tell you. I tried it with leggings, a belt, but to no avail. It was just.not.happening, people. DARNIT! Sent back reluctantly....

Item #3-The Moni Stud Detalied 3/4 Sleeve Blouse by Pomelo. $58

These are ALL OVER Pinterest and they seem to be sending them to all of us Stitch Fixers. I was ECSTATIC to finally get one of my own. And the color was soooo purty!!

It did not disappoint either, let me tell you. This was absolutely THE BOMB to wear. Sooo comfy and cute. I especially loved the stud details. Of course I kept it! And I want another one next time, Stitch Fix peeps!! Pretty please??? :)

Item #4-the Reece Embroidered Button-Up Blouse by Skies are Blue. $54

When I first took this out, I was like, "Hmmmm" Is it brown? It is green? It seems kinda wrinkly and see through. However, I really liked the embroidered detail on the shoulders and the fabric was super soft so maybe it would be a winner???

 And it was a TOTAL WINNER! Once I put it on and paired it with my beloved leather flip flops and jeans, it was just fabulous! SOOO darn comfy and cute, and I love how the sleeves could roll up. OHMAGERD....I AM KEEPING IT! 

Item #5-the Shaye Crochet Detail Short Sleeve Blouse by Ezra. When I first saw it, I thought, "Again with the lace, like I'm a grandma or something??" 
And it seemed WAYYY too boxy, but the color was pretty, so maybe it would be nice on??? 
And then I noticed there was a bizarre stain on the front in the shape of a T. Can you see it on the left hand side?? I emailed Stitch Fix and told them about it, and they were so nice, they offered me 15% off the cost to help cover the cost of dry cleaning it to get out the stain. Isn't that awesome?

Unfortunately, after I tried it on, it was just too big and boxy on me, so I had to send this one back too. No worries though, cause I didn't LOVE it like I loved the other ones.

So, there you have it. Another VERY successful Stitch Fix box. I kept 3 out of the 5 items, wore all 3 to school last week, and pretty much felt like a fashion model every day whilst teaching my Firsties. I can't wait to see what they send me next! 
You can sign up for a Fix every month, every 2-3 weeks, or just once to see what it's like, so there is no pressure or subscription required. I LOVE IT even more!

 If you want to try it out and you click this link, I will get a little referral credit, which helps me bring all of these riveting Stitch Fix posts to you. And, it forces my teenage daughter to have to take pictures of me each month, which brings me great joy, and her great angst. WIN WIN WIN!!!

See ya soon, Peeps!! 
XOXO Kerri B


Brandy Withers said...

Oh my gosh! I love love love that chevron tunic and blue top! You look amazing in them! I think you just convinced me to start StitchFix. I'm always in love with the looks you girls get!

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