Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yoga...and Johnny Appleseed SALE plus FREEBIES!!

Good morning, Bits and Bobbers! Kerri here...

As many of you know, I love yoga. It is my go to form of exercise. Actually, it is my ONLY form of exercise because I HATE sports with a capital H. I also HATE the gym, I loathe running, swimming makes my hair turn green (and my mascara run-not pretty!), balls of any kind annoy me....are you getting the picture??

A couple of years ago, my friend asked me to go to a yoga class with her at the gym, and so I went. Y'all, I was hooked!! I could ACTUALLY do the poses and somewhat keep up with the yoga instructor AND I got an amazing workout! Many people think yoga is just glorified stretching, but let me tell you, it is NOT. It is dang hard and totally invigorating! You get strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, all in one little hour class. Here is a little yoga clip to give you the picture...

Well, guess what?? I got to meet this guy (Rudy Mettia) yesterday when I took my first ever class with him. WWHHAATT??? I was TOTALLY geeking out! I have been doing his Yoga Warrior 365 program for months at my house with my neighbor and we decided that this summer, we were going to drive to Santa Monica (the mecca for all things yoga) and actually take his class. SOOO EXCITING!'s a little background about me before we go any further. Not only do I hate sports, but I LOATHE sweating. LOATHE IT ENTIRELY. So much so that I will do anything to avoid it, including having all sorts of fans blowing on me while I do my yoga practice. Now, diehard yogis will be mortified by this, as they like a warm room so your muscles will loosen up. I need my fans PEOPLE!! Like a crack addict needs her crack, I NEED MY FANS!

Fast forward to last night, we walk into the studio after the previous class has finished and I kid you  not, it is 1000 degrees in there. 


Well, okay not LITERALLY, but it was at least 90 degrees up in that joint and the class hadn't even started. I was like, "HOLY HELL, what have I gotten myself into?? That green juice I just drank from Nekter is going to rear it's ugly head during this one, for reals!!" I was panicking BIG TIME.

The puke inducing evidence...

So anyway, long story short, I DID IT!! I survived the whole class, and I have never sweated so much in my entire life. Seriously, it was BANANAS. I had sweat coming out from places that I didn't even think COULD Sweat, like the backs of my hands (WTF??) and on my shins. Ewww and ewww.

That being said, it was SUCH an amazing experience!! I loved every sweaty, twisty moment and I even got to meet and HUG my yoga idol, Rudy Mettia afterwards. Here is the proof...

Moving right along...

Day 2 of Christmas in July is upon us and today, my Johnny Appleseed products are on sale. This little babies are PERFECT for September and my kidlets LOVE them!

Click the banner below to see these items on sale!

Also, if you click on this link, it will take you to my Johnny Appleseed post from last year where you can get an art project idea and download 2 fun little Johnny and apple freebies!!

I'll be back tomorrow for Day 3 of Christmas in July!! 
Namaste Peeps!
Kerri B


Marcy G said...

OMG! Best blog post ever!!! I cannot stop laughing!! I LOVE yoga as well, and sweating is not my favorite! You are a rockstar for making it through.

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Kristen Raxter said...

My daughter and I are yoga novices. We are starting slow, but man, I felt the burn after day 1. It's harder with an 8 year old, but still a fun thing for us to do. Now I just have to do it every day! Sweat here I come! :)

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