Monday, May 19, 2014

Stitch Fix #1 has arrived!!!

Hiya Peeps!! Kerri here...

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I recently found out about it because of Pinterest, and I was immediately intrigued. Having someone SHOP for me, and picking things out that are uniquely MY style?? Heck yeah!

Here is how Stitch Fix works:

1. Create a Style profile on the Stitch Fix Website
2. Have 5 handpicked items that fit your style profile delivered to your house.
3. Keep what you like and check out online. Send back the rest in a pre-paid envelope.
4. Look fabulous at work!!

It takes about 10 minutes to fill out your style profile online, and it is very fun, because you get to choose different outfits that best represent you. I loved this part!

Well, today was the big day. My Stitch Fix box was waiting for me on my doorstep...

And this is what I saw when I opened the box...
Everything is packaged in tissue paper, all fancy like...

A style card comes in the package, giving you tips and ideas of what to pair with each item...

Here are my items coming out of the box. They look great already!!

And here they are out of the box. I already LOVE that tank on the top!!

Next step, trying everything on. Let the awkwardness commence!! I am HORRIBLE at taking selfies...ugh!!

Fix #1-Just Black Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jeans. 
These were super cute and fit me great! But, I have plenty of skinny jeans and these were a little pricey ($88), so these are going back.

Fix #2-Renee C Macklin Abstract Print Cut-Out Back Tank (Dang! That's a mouthful!!)
I.AM.IN.LOVE. with this!! It is so so so cute! I love the pattern, the colors, everything! This one is a keeper, FO SHO!

Fix #3-Under Skies Olivina Hooded Slub Knit Cardigan. 
When I first saw this, I was like meh. Cute, but I have a TON of cardis. Then I tried it on with the tank and....LOVE. IT!! It is so so so soft. Like buttah soft. And so cute with the tank top. Don't you agree?? Keeper!!

Fix #4-Fun2Fun Kriss Mixed Print Henley Blouse. 
I liked the the print and style, but I'm not a huge black and gray fan. Plus, the horizontal stripes across my tummy?? Ummmm, no me likey. This one will go back.

Fix #5-RD Style Carmelita Crew Neck Layered Sweater. 
This was just lame. Like, a cropped sweater with a shirt hanging out?? And can you see a little bit of my belly showing?? GAH!! THE HORROR. Not a keeper.

Here is the packing slip with the prices for each item that is included in the box. I am only keeping 2 items this time, so not too shabby. Plus, I LOVE both pieces!

And here are the keepers on a hanger. Ready for me to wear to school tomorrow! YAY!

Stitch Fix is like Christmas is a box, girls! And the best part is, you schedule your own fixes. Once a year, once a quarter, once a month. It's TOTALLY up to you. When I checked out, I made sure to leave detailed notes about each piece, what I liked or didn't like, so the next time I get my box, my stylist Cynthie (Love you girl!!) will have a better sense of my personal style. 

If you are intrigued, you can check it out here and if you use my referral code, I receive a credit when your first Fix is shipped! :)

Stitch Fix is THE BOMB ladies! And I'm so glad I tried it. I think I might be hooked. You probably will be too!
XOXO Kerri B


Colleen said...

Okay, you convinced me... just signed up through your referral link. My first fix arrives on July 31st, eek! Super excited!!!
Colleen :-)
Fun and Fearless in First

Kerri and Lindsay said...

Colleen, you will LOVE it!! It is so much fun! And thank you for using my referral code! :)

Maria Manore said...

I love that tank! And I agree, I would DIE if my belly showed through a top. I would love for you to come link up at my Stitch Fix linky!

Kinder-Craze Stitch Fix Linky

Laura said...

I signed up for Stitch Fix a few weeks ago and can't wait to get my first box! Have to wait until the end of July, though! Grrr! That cardigan hoodie is adorable on you!! Love what you chose!
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Maria Manore said...

Yay! You linked up! Thank you :)

Deborah Bergstrom said...

What a great idea! I'm signing up for this now!

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