Monday, April 28, 2014

A whole lotta randomness...and a Mother's Day craft!

Good evening, Bits and Bobbers!! Your long lost friend Kerri here...

I am SERIOUSLY slacking in the blogging department friends!! I don't know what the problem is, well actually I do. I am trying desperately to get back on the yoga bandwagon, which is an hour a night. Well, that pretty much cuts out blogging, since blogging takes an hour also each time I do it, for some reason?? 
Sigh...not enough hours in the day, man!! But today blogging beat out yoga, so here we go!!

Here are some things my kidlets and I have been up to lately...

We started our Rainforest Unit by using Abby's Mystery Box activity to introduce it. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mystery Box. Ohmyword, they go CRAZY for it!! They had so much fun guessing what was inside the box...

It was a red-eyed tree frog!!
 Then they wrote all about it. I call it a power write-they write as much as they can for 5 minutes, then I choose some kids to read their stories to the class, using Mr. Microphone, of course!!

We also started making some art projects for our Rainforest Open House extravaganza! Luckily the flowers and butterflies double nicely for Springy projects, until I put them up for Open House!! Aren't they so pretty??

I love how they look on my wall...swoon! So bright and cheerful!! 

We also have been learning about American symbols, and we step drew Lady Liberty for one of our projects. This step draw is from Deanna Jump's America Unit, which I LOVE!! Aren't they so fun??

I just love my mini anchor chart stand!! It holds all of my America and Rainforest posters perfectly!

My kids also presented an Oral Report on an American Symbol of their choice. They did such a fantastic job!!
Her White House is AMAZING!!

Love the initials for the Presidents on this one!!

Lego White House!!

 For Earth Day, we had SOOO much fun making Maria from Kinder Kraze's fabulous watercolor Earth Day projects. Disclaimer: I hate paint, so I was wary about letting my kids use the watercolors, but they did AWESOME!! Okay, okay, paint isn't so bad after all!! :)

Okay, here is my new idea for a Mother's Day craft. For years, we made these plates, which I LOVE, but this  year I decided to mix things up and make a cute little bowl  (from IKEA for $1 each) for the are the steps!
You need a 5 by 5 square of copy paper, crayons, mod podge, a sharpie, tissue paper, and a foam brush.

1. Draw a flower on the paper with a sharpie, add your words, and color with bright colors.

2. Bubble cut around the flower and mod podge it to the bottom of the bowl, like this...

3. Cover the entire bottom of the bowl with mod podge and squares of tissue paper. One layer should be enough.

 4. Let it dry overnight and voila!! It will be beautiful in the morning!!

Well, that's all I got peeps!! Off to wash my face and snuggle on the couch with my Kindle!
XOXO Kerri B


Elyse D'Andrea-Happily Teaching said...

AH! Love the intro to your rainforest unit! I may have to snag your idea when I start my unit next week! I love to do a little "guess the theme" introduction and have a random tree frog stuffed animal hanging out in my classroom storage, so this could just work perfectly!

Happily Teaching

Dana said...

Love your Mother's Day craft!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and instructions! :)


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