Sunday, February 9, 2014

All Kinds of RANDOM!

Good Evening, Peeps! Kerri here...

My hubby is watching the Olympics behind me, which I could care less about, UNLESS Shaun White is competing, then I just might be interested!!
 I am counting down the minutes until Downton comes on, so I thought I would blog a bit! I have ALL SORTS of randomness to share, so bear with me...

Have you all heard of this book?

This is the most hilarious book EVER!! It was gifted to me this year from one of my parents and my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! 

To make it even better, I have my mom (who is the best storyteller in the WHOLE WORLD and a former teacher of 35 years) read it to them. HILARIOUS, I tell you!
Here is a little clip of my mom reading to the kids...

Isn't she the BEES-NEES?? When I told my kids that my mom was going to read to them, one of my little guys said, "It's a good thing I like how your mom reads!" Whew! That's a relief. I wouldn't want to crush him with SUB-PAR reading skills!! HA!!

You can get your own copy of this fabulous book through Amazon using this link... and your kids will thank you for it, for real!!


Randomness #2!

Lindsay and I had our annual date night last Thursday at the Newport-Mesa School Foundation grant dinner. It was sooo fun! We get to see lots of our friends from other schools, have a glass of wine and a fabulous dinner, and best of all, walk away with a check to purchase materials for our classrooms. It is AWESOME!!

Randomness #3-Art all over the place...
We made 2, count 'em, 2 art projects this week! The first was our Groundhog art, which always comes out so cute and fun!

I also FINALLY got my new projector for my SMARTboard and HOLY CANNOLI,  that sucker is soooo bright, it's blinding!! I was used to a very dim, very sad, slowly dying projector, and this projector is absolutely GORGEOUS. I am one lucky teacher!!
So, I went to Michaels and bought about a BRAZILLION foamy hearts for my daughter's class because I thought I was in charge of the craft for the Valentine's Party. Turns out there won't be time for a craft at the party and I am now the proud owner of a PLETHORA of foamy hearts. 

What to do?? Use them to make heart trees with my class, of course!! This project was SUPER easy peasy and we busted it out on a Friday afternoon, which normally I NEVER do, because someone will wind up dead, probably me, from the chaos that is ART...on a Friday afternoon. 
This project was so easy I knew I would survive, and the kids loved it! Best of all, no one lost their life, so WIN WIN!! :)

Even prettier under the beautiful projector!!
Randomness #4-Sweets for my Sweety Unit and We Heart America Unit!! 

This week will be all about Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school and the last week of February we will be focusing on America! I used both of these units last year and my kids LOVED them!! (click on each picture to take a closer look)...

Final randomness of the night...

I just love this time of year in first grade, don't you agree? The kids are becoming great readers, they know the routine, and center time is SMOOTH SAILING!! We had such good rotations last week, I had to share!

Well, that's it for me! I'm about to get my Downton on, baby!!
XOXO Kerri B


Marcy G said...

I love this book! My kids have requested it as a read aloud so many times! I posted about this book and the activity we did with it. You should check out Oliver Jeffers' (the illustrator) other books; he is very talented!

Searching for Teacher Balance

Jacqueline Harbison said...

I'm going to have to go by the book this weekend! Thanks for the recommendation! Looking forward to sharing it with my Pre-Kers!
I is for Inspire

Sarah Paul said...

I love your crafts. They are both adorable!

Justin said...

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