Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcoming Baby and Prepping for Maternity Leave With A Plethora of Post-Its

Hi friends! Lindsay here . . .

Tonight's post will be short and sweet.  Ya know, since I am having a baby tomorrow and all . . .

What??!! Tomorrow??!!  How can that be??  I swear November seemed sooooo far away when I found out my due date . . . like I was going to have sooooo much time before baby made his grand arrival.

And now the day is here. Like tomorrow.

Sooooo . . . needless to say, I have been nesting.  Not so much at home, because let's face it, the second-born basically doesn't get anything new and exciting.  Nope. We plan to basically have diapers ready and stick him in a dresser drawer.  Well, almost.  Baby DOES have a bassinet in our room, but that's about it.

So where, you may ask, have I been nesting?  At school.  I've been organizing, planning centers weeks into the future (even into the new year!), making copies and putting a neon post-it note on just about anything in the classroom that doesn't move. 

{Sidenote: Does anyone out there use the Wunderlist app?  I swear it has saved my life. I cannot remember a thing with my pregnancy brain, and I use it to organize my whole life these days . . . I have a shopping list. A mommy-do list. A daddy-do list. A Christmas shopping list.  A school to-do list.  The listing just goes on and on and on . . . and I love it.  If you don't have it, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out.  You'll thank me later.}

That's the problem with being a little bit of a control freak, ya see . . . Its. Hard. To. Let. Go.

Sigh.  So as I was readying things at school, I copied and prepped all of my holiday centers for my kiddos . . . and I am so sad I will be missing out on all of these fun activities!  They are my absolute favorites!!

(You can check out my Merry and Bright Math & Literacy Centers on TPT here)

But Friday was my last day at school...  I resisted the urge to put ANY more post-its ANYWHERE in the room (so that my poor sub wouldn't totally be overwhelmed with my micromanaging helpful tidbits . . .).

 I hugged my sweet chitlens and told them I would be back in February and assured them that I would visit before Christmas . . .

And so . . . I am logging off for tonight as well.  I will be back with baby pictures to share, and HOPEFULLY as we settle into our new life as a family of four I will be back to blog and share some teachery goodness with y'all.

But until then . . . Happy Teaching! Happy Holidays! Happy everything!



Suzy Q said...

Time flies! Best wishes for a safe delivery and a happy, healthy baby! (And I think the post-its are helpful...)

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I feel ya! I micromanage like crazy!!
Best wishes to you for a safe delivery and beautiful, healthy baby!!!! :)

CarolP said...

Congratulations on your new baby! I totally understand the control thing- that's me too. I'm going to look for the wunderlist app- I totally need that! Carol

Miss Kindergarten said...

Congrats Lindsay!! Can't wait to meet your new baby boy!! And THANKFUL for the app recommendation! I swear I have pregnancy brain even though I'm not pregnant! ;)

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