Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Seuss FREEBIES, George Art, and Thank you!!

Happy Thursday, Peeps!! Kerri here...

First off, a big GINORMOUS THANK YOU to all of you who purchased something from Lindsay or I during yesterday's MEGA TPT sale! Was it AMAZING or what?? I bought a few goodies myself and I can't wait to use them!

Dr. Suess that REALLY tomorrow?? I feel a little behind the times since I was off last week. For goodness sake, I am still teaching about George Washington this week! I know, I know! But, with one week gone in February due to my break, what's a girl to do?? Here is our direct draw art for good ole GW, which we will be gluing next to Abe Lincoln for our First Grade Adventure books. 
He came out pretty funny...

This one is my FAVE! He is squashed!

I know, it looks like he is wearing SUSPENDERS!! Those were SUPPOSED to be his General uniform stripes (Whatever...) but they totally look like darn suspenders! Sigh...

I have also made an executive decision that Dr. Seuss week will trickle into next week because there is just too much good fun that is funny that I need to do! Today, in reading groups, I had my kidlets partner read different Dr. Seuss books that I have multiple copies of (Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop, Green Eggs and Ham, There's a Wocket in my Pocket) that are also at their reading level more or less, and then go on a rhyme hunt through the book. They LOVED it big time. Here is a copy of the paper if you would like to spread the rhyming goodness in your below.

I saw this ADORBS idea on Michelle Oakes' blog Fabulous in First (LOVE IT!), so I thought I would make them for my daughter's class and for my own class as well. Edible truffula trees!! Oh, such cuteness!!
 MY kiddos have to take the STAR reading test again tomorrow (GAG!) which they DETEST taking, so I thought a little bribe would help them through their misery!
Modeling shot courtesy of Miss Katie B!
I also uploaded a pretty fun FREEBIE to TPT this morning- a Cat in a Hat Sentence Scramble with recording sheets as a HUGE thank you for all of your support of our blog and TPT stores! You can click below to go get your copy from my store...

You can also pick up this little number while you're there! My kids did this one today in centers and they love love loved it!

Hope your Friday is wicked awesome and you all can enjoy your weekend!!
XOXO Kerri


Traci said...

Those Washingtons are so cute!
Dragonflies in First

rebecca sutton said...

Your Dr. Seuss things look wonderful! Love your Washingtons!!

Teaching First

Erika said...

Those George Washingtons are so cute and unique! I love directed draws.

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Kristin said...

Love the Squashed George Washington!! :)
Looks like so much fun in your room -- I want to be in your class!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Deedee Wills said...

Your Georges are wonderful! I know...My weeks fly by and I don't get everything in that I want to. I could teach about American symbols for WEEKS!!!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

TammySF. said...

Those Washingtons are just too cute!! Love your ideas and thanks for sharing:)

Sarah Paul said...

I used your freebies today and the kids loved them! We had a great day so thank you for your part in that! :)I absolutely love the Georges.
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Tanya said...

I love your blog! I am awarding you the Lovely Blog Award!
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Emily Brown said...

I am a big fan of your lovely blog! I'm also passing an award to you. Please come check it out @

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