Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Flowers Spelling Scramble

Hi friends! Kerri here...
Quicky post today! I was fortunate to be selected as the pilot teacher for a new SMART table and I am TRYING MY DANGDEST to figure how to create activities to use on it, but it is not going well. This software is confusing the heck out of me! (Sorry SMART technology, but it's true!) Do any of you have a SMART table and if so, how do you use it??

Here is a little Spelling Scramble center I whipped up. It is crazy how much my kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE to unscramble their spelling/sight words! The go nutso over this activity! 

Hope your kiddies like it too!
Kerri B


Julie said...

I don't know anything about Smart tables. I just heard of them for the first time last week. I'm getting a Smart board next year and I'm pretty stinkin excited about it.

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Randi said...

I had a smart table for a short time to test...very confusing and very limited...I do have a Promethean Board though and it's awesome. Sorry this wasn't much help...just wanted you to know your not alone :)

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Kristin Young said...

I'm having a Linky Party for all things SMART related...maybe you can hook up with someone who has more experience??? I just got my SmartBoard last week but can hopefully help in the future! ;)

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