Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin, Mittens, and the Mega-Flu

Happy three-day-weekend folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Happy Martin Luther King Day/Weekend!!  

Ahhhhh . . . aren't holiday weekends THE BEST?!  Everyone here at the Messner household has been thoroughly enjoying the past two days at home in our PJ's. 

Don't judge. 

I EARNED my right to spend AT LEAST two days in pajamas . . .  Let me tell you about my TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO-GOOD, VERY BAD week last week . . .

It all started a week ago Friday.  It had been a long week and I was SO looking forward to putting Baby Jack to bed so momma (me) could have herself a delicious glass of wine . . . And then, IT happened.

Projectile vomit. All over me. And him. And his ENTIRE room.

It was gross. 

Needless to say poor Jack spent the whole weekend sick with the flu and throwing up, and Mr. Messyhair and myself spent the whole weekend giving him snuggles and watching Sesame Street with him.

Then on Monday, it was my turn.

Horrible stomach pain, hours spent in the bathroom, nausea for days . . . it was really awful.  (Sidenote: Mr. Messyhair got sick with the megaflu as well -  he merely threw up once and was done!  Not fair!)

Sooooooo as if a sick baby, sick mommy, and sick daddy weren't enough, when I went back to school this past week I came to discover that I would be getting three more new students - in addition to the two new students I had gotten the previous week! 

Holy Pencilboxes, Batman!  That makes 5 new students in two weeks, for a grand total of 30 kindergarteners! 

Then, throw in a few more relapse fits of vomiting on mommy in public followed up with an acute ear infection (for Jack), and that was my week! 

The good news is that after some serious prayer and counting of my blessings, I feel much better.  I'm blessed to have a wonderful (sick) family and beautiful students that I love to teach.  All THIRTY of them! ;)

Anyway, that's enough about pajamas and vomiting . . .

We have been busy little bees in Room 17 this month.  First we have been having fun with my Mittens & Marshmallows centers . . .

My kiddos especially loved the digraph sort and number before & after practice.  

You can check out my whole unit on TPT - just click on the image below!

We also had fun learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. over the past few weeks.  We did a super fun "egg-speriment" and freebie worksheet from Ffion Thomas you can get HERE.  My kiddos had such great predictions about what they thought the brown egg was going to look like when we cracked it open - imagine their surprise to see both eggs were the same on the inside!

And finally, I created a few little vocabulary cards to use as reference for my kiddos during our study of Martin that I thought I would share with y'all. :)  My chitlens felt oh-so-grown-up using big words like "harmony" in our discussions!

(Click on the Martin below to download file)

Well, that's it for now.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend today.  In your pajamas of course! :)  I'm off to get in a few more snuggles with that sick baby of mine!



  1. Everything looks terrific! So sorry to hear about your sick week! 30 kinders!?! WOW!

  2. Bless your heart! On the bright side, it can't get much worse than that. Have a good short week and thanks for the freebie!

    Swimming into Second

  3. Thank you for sharing such an awesome freebie. I love the colors you chose and the vocabulary you included. Thanks again!!
    Connie Anderson:)

  4. You poor thing! This is a great post after a rough week. Take care!
    Fabulous in First

  5. O my goodness! Thanks so much for the shoutout! I am so glad your kids loved that activity! It was so powerful for my students!
    LOVE y'all's blog!


    The First Grade Jungle

  6. Thanks for the freebie and post! It is absolutely no fun when the little ones are sick....I had the same kind of week. :( Bless your heart....and all 30 kinders you have...I'm so curious if you have an aide? Hope the adjustment is smooth for everyone! :)

  7. Man 30 kiddos is a whole lot of 4/5 year olds! I hope you at least have a great assistant teacher. Being sick is the pits. Good thing you had yourself some pajama days. You MLK Jr. clipart is adorable! I love your products!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  8. Oh my goodness, I just had to comment and say you must be an AMAZING teacher to handle 30 kindergartners. I cannot even imagine...or at least I don't want to! Good have such a positive attitude :)

    Carolina Teacher

  9. Loving your great resources for black history month! Thanks for all your great products. I have quite a few and love following your blog!

    Amanda Bryant